A Most Regrettable Bet

A most regrettable bet

Bets involving hair are never smart.

They quickly become regrettable which is something I have learned the hard way.

I have such a bet.

It’s been 3-months since I went to my barber and got my typical tight fade. I like my hair short – really short.

My friend (and co-worker) Daniel and I got our typically short haircuts within a day of each other and that weekend I bet him that I could go longer without a haircut than him. Due to both us working in the office, we had to clarify that we could trim the sides so we didn’t breach any company protocols.

He immediately accepted my bet.

I am absolutely convinced that my hair grows faster than his.

It’s gotten to the place where I’ve had to change my hairstyle in an attempt to look halfway presentable.

Daniel’s girlfriend is over our bet. She wants Daniel to win, so she has made it her mission to convince me to cut my hair. Last weekend at Buffalo Wild Wings, she tousled my hair and then hacked into my Instagram account where she posted the (attached) picture with tags such as “cutie” and “longhairdon’tcare”.

Luckily for me, her plan slightly backfired because lots of my friends liked the new look – probably a little more when it’s combed unlike the picture.

The office finds our bet funny and polarizing. There is Team Daniel who makes sure to tell me how horrible my hair looks or ask me when I plan to start braiding my hair. And there is the supportive Team Elijah (which includes the company owner). They like my long hair and think that I should permanently keep it long.

Friday afternoon, my boss and I were talking in his office, when the owner came in and complimented me on my “new hairstyle” and then sarcastically asked my balding boss if he would grow his hair out too. My awesome boss immediately flashed me the “loser” sign. It was pretty funny – rather uncharacteristic of the generally solemn company VP.

It’s Saturday, and I’ll admit it’s hard not to jump in my car and get the barber to solve this problem, however my pride keeps me going, At some point though, my self-respect will override my pride, and I’ll return to normalcy.

If it wasn’t for all the pretty ladies at college, I could probably go for a lot longer.


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