The Fantastic Four

There are 4 of us.

Actually, there’s more like 5. I guess it all depends on who is counting.

There were 7 of us, but the others couldn’t quite hang so they have drifted off.

I’m talking about the math class group that has randomly formed based on sarcastic comments and the desire to pass the class. Nebulously we have been christened “The Fantastic Four”. No, it is by no means a reference to the horrible movie; it is merely a title that accurately and succinctly describes us.

Obviously, I have somehow managed to worm my way into this group and (I’d like to think) the good graces of my fellow members. I don’t usually make friends this early into a semester. I’m just not a friend-making machine. But it has happened, and it is a rather fun experience.

Our moment of creation or spontaneous evolution (depending on your theological bend) occurred a few weeks ago after class. The professor had just set the date for our first trig test, and after class had been dismissed some of us just stuck around.

We had no reason to. We didn’t even know each other at the time.

The only things we had in common were the class and our worry about the first exam.

Now it is all too apparent that I had the most to fear – but that is a whole other topic.

A group of about 7 of us formed at the back of the classroom, and numbers were exchanged. The plan was to meet up Thursday before the test and study. Thursday afternoon, 5 of the 7 met in the library study room and began prepping for the exam.

Three girls and two guys. Besides me, there was Mr. Artist (he draws pictures during class), Miss Karma (the brains of the group), Miss Brownies (she told me a funny story about her attempt to bake brownies), and Miss Random (she says the most random and funny things).

Now my part in this name “Fantastic Four” comes solely from the number word. The other 3 members create the fantastic”ness” while I provide the crucial fourth member.

On Thursday, I left work early to get studying done, but of course a critical email came in. The email turned my study time into talking to an engineer and scrambling a crew to perform an emergency repair the next day.

It sucked. And I knew I was royally screwed for the exam.

But I faced that exam like a champ and had my imaginary intelligence obliterated.

We all have odd class times, but we now meet before class in the library where we “studiously” work on math.  There are no awkward silences or uncomfortable stares. We just click.

Our combined awesomeness is off the charts. That seems to really bother an austere member of the library staff who has made it his life’s mission to repeatedly walk by our study room and glare at us. No, we’re not clowning around or making tons of noise. Well, at least not near as much noise as the other students. We are thoughtful and awesome.

Sarcasm has been our group bond. Either the person is sarcastic or provides fodder for the sarcasm. It’s a beautiful food chain that is self-sufficient. Nobody is too heady or high-minded, and considering we’re all attending a community college, no one should be.

This semester is different – in a good way, well minus the results from my trig exam. Instead of just showing up for class and then heading home for homework, now there is also a small social life on campus. College is great. How else would I meet people from wildly differing backgrounds, countries, and religions? Yet we all somehow manage to coexist. It’s cool.

The past 6-weeks have been tough but fun, and this group provides the few moments of happiness during the long lectures. We’ve progressed from random classmates to acquaintances and on to friends.

Probably the best part about this group is that I have realized that there are other cool people in the world besides me.

2 responses to “The Fantastic Four

  1. I’ve been trying to learn calculus on my own for the past two years. It would be great to have a group to work with, but that would mean an expensive university course with people less than half my age. The logarithms are driving me crazy.

    It’s great that you’ve clicked with these people. It’ll help get you through trig, and maybe you’ve made some lifelong friends. That would be the best part.

    • I can’t imagine trying to learn calculus on my own. I’m just not that smart, but I do wish you luck. Working with a group is awesome but there is the chance to get distracted – or maybe that’s just me.
      I completely agree with you. Passing trig will be incredible, but making lifelong friends would be the best result.

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