St. Patrick’s Day…Not “My” Day

My celebration of St. Patrick's Day

My celebration of St. Patrick’s Day

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and apparently that means it’s just not my day.

This Sunday has been uncommonly unkind to me.

First I got up feeling like a P.O.S.


Because I rolled out of my bed a little after 10am. I rationalized my laziness by reminding myself that since I only average 5-hrs of sleep each night during the week, I deserve the snooze button on my iPhone.

All day long, I’ve been mentally clumsy. And it’s quite odd. I’m used to having my brain internally spout and spew random things, and have the sarcastic quip ready to drop like the expletives in rap.

But not today.

Most of the day has been spent staring at my laptop, trying hard to will myself into comprehending the trig in front of me. It’s hard. My friends are enjoying their lazy Sunday while I am stuck inside doing homework.

Instead of being wild and getting crazy drunk on green beer this afternoon, my friends and I decided to barbecue at the house.

Outside, we sat around the barbecue sipping our drinks and passing the chips around. I was commenting on my friend’s worry that the beer might be bad (it stayed overnight in the car), but I couldn’t get my words to come out like they were in my head. My friends laughed and sarcastically asked me if I was having a stroke.

I decided to shut up and quietly enjoy the cold Heineken in my hand – it was the only green I had.

I leaned back into the chair, but I wasn’t mentally prepared for how far back I had to lean to reach the security of the chair back. This meant that I more like fell back into my chair instead of coolly leaning back.

This jerky movement was just the excuse my iPhone was looking for to try out its flying skills. In case you were wondering, iPhones can fly, they just can’t land – at least not gracefully.

After remarking on how one sip apparently gave me the spins, my friends then sympathized over my now spider-webbed iPhone screen. I actually found it funny. Not that my iPhone screen is cracked; no that part rather sucked. It was funny the extents this day was willing to go to in order to piss me off.

It was also funny, that in spite of the day’s best attempts, I wasn’t pissed off.

I had my friends who were more than willing to exploit my clumsiness and turn it into entertainment, I had my homework that required all the free time this weekend, but I also had my green drink and my blasting rap.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. I’m glad you’re having an even awesomer day than me.


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