An Intern?

Hi, my name is Elijah, and I have writer’s block.

I wish there was some sort of therapy, counseling, or psychiatric exercise I could do to solve this dire problem.

I really want to write.

But I can’t. My blogging inspiration has deserted me. It’s not that my life (consisting only of work and school) has suddenly screeched to a halt, leaving me with nothing interesting to pen.


I think I’ve just been so busy for so long it’s slowly getting to me.

School is over. That momentary relief evaporated quickly as my weekly work hours spiked. I’m one of the first to arrive at the office and the last to leave.

My job is stressful. But the stress drives me which I suppose is detrimental in a sad bad-ass way. The past 4-years have been vacation-less as I strive to make my mark in the company. But I am slowly becoming numb to my drug of stress.

I think my boss noticed. He pulled up a chair next to me Friday morning and sat there watching as I built a CPM schedule for a new project I had just been assigned.

Then he asked, “Do you want an intern?”

My head said no. Then my brain went into overdrive trying to figure out why he was offering me an intern. He’s never hired an intern. And I’m the youngest one on his project management team.

If I admitted to the need for help, that meant I was admitting that I could not properly do my job. And I can do my job. Even if that means my work week climbs to 80-hrs.

Instead I replied, “Who is it?”

He smiled quizzically. I clarified, “Since you’re offering me an intern, that means you’ve already thought of who you want me hire.”

“Okay”, he admitted, “you got me”.

After he explained who the potential intern was, I said yes. We then discussed the pros and cons. Cons obviously included the time needed to explain what needed to be done each time and then make sure the job was done properly. Pro was that if the intern was smart, she’d make my job a whole lot easier.

To be completely honest, I think my boss has an ulterior motive here – dread.

Dread, because I’ve booked a month’s trip to Europe in June and he is going to be left handling all my projects along with their gritty details. The new project I just received is rather large and has to be managed entirely through an online PM system. My boss was all gung-ho about tackling the project, but once I showed him all the necessary steps to just handle paperwork, his enthusiasm quickly waned. He asked me, “you’ll have internet in Europe right?”

To which I answered, “Only if you buy me a MacBook and pay me overtime.”

So he tossed that idea and gave me the option to use my co-worker for my grunt work. I declined. It would only make things awkward to manage an older co-worker doing the paper-pushing for me.

Hence the intern idea. Now I wonder what it would be like working for me. At my ripe old age of 23, what kind of boss am I? I have field crews that I direct, but I’ve never had someone sit next to be and be there to help me whenever I needed it. That should be interesting. I hope my boss actually hires her.

I’ve just realized that I’ve managed to write a blog post. I know this isn’t an exquisite piece and I apologize for the rambling, but I, personally, am just happy that my writer’s block may be slowly disappearing.

It had better be. Blogging is my escape.

And I need an escape.


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